What is workplace stress?

Stress at work, also described as occupational stress, happens when there is a mismatch between the pressures and challenges of your work and your knowledge or ability to complete the work, making it difficult for you to cope.

What causes work-related stress?

Many factors can contribute to employees being affected by occupational stress, including workload, working hours, working relationships, communication and management style.

What are the symptoms of stress at work?

If you're experiencing work-related stress you may find that your mood has changed, your sleeping or eating patterns may change and you may feel that you're having difficulty coping.  This may affect you when you're away from work as well as during your working day.

When work-related stress affects several members of a team it could bring an increase in arguments and conflict, an increase in the number of team members off sick and a decrease in productivity or efficient working.

Your employer's responsibility

Some stress or pressure is inevitable, but employers have a legal responsibility for the health and safety of their employees while at work, including their mental health.

About Work Stress Claim

You may be wondering what to do about the situation that seems to be causing you stress. Depending on the specific details of your situation, bringing a legal claim against your employer may be one possibility.

When you complete and submit the initial questions on this site, your answers are sent through to the Work Stress Claim team who'll personally review them.  They'll have a good idea about what your options may be at that point, and will email you to explain this.  If they believe you may have grounds to make a legal claim, they'll send on a further questionnaire to allow us to understand your situation more fully.

It won't cost you anything to find out what your options may be.  If the Work Stress Claim team believe you have grounds to bring a claim, and if you decide you want to go ahead with this, we'll work to match you up with a suitable, specialist solicitor who can progress your claim for you.  The solicitor will work with you on a 'no win no fee' basis, which means that if you receive compensation you will keep every penny.  This will be explained to you in more detail before you commit to bringing a claim.

If the Work Stress Claim team's expert opinion is that you do not have grounds to bring a legal claim, they'll do their best to signpost you to alternative approaches to managing your situation.

Our Team

The Work Stress Claim site is managed by Michelle Anderson.  Michelle's husband, Simon Anderson, is a barrister who specialises in workplace stress, so he is very well placed to understand whether you are likely to have grounds to bring a legal claim for workplace stress.


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